Make your living room more enjoyable

Here are few ideas how to make your living room more cozy.

1. Keep the heat in

It’s crucial to make sure your living room is well insulated for the winter months. Start with the main culprit for heat loss – the windows. ‘If they’re ill-fitting and draughty, it’s worth replacing them with double- or triple-glazed units to help retain the heat, keep draughts at bay and maintain condensation-free sills,’ says interior designer Julia Kendell.

Additionally, individual thermostats on radiators are useful so you can adjust each room’s temperature when needed and minimise fuel costs. For more advice and information about keeping your house warm.

2. Create a bold palette

Using rich and deep colours is an effective way to give an impression of warmth, says Julia. ‘Dark charcoal and navy both look fantastic on walls and work well together, especially when teamed with furnishings in contrasting colours, such as berry shades and mustard yellow,’ she explains. ‘Wooden furniture is also excellent in combination with a dark palette.’

3. Add some shine

Copper and brass work especially well with grey and navy walls. ‘You can introduce a bit of sparkle with most colour schemes if you go for small highlights such as scatter cushions, tea light holders and picture frames,’ explains Julia. ‘If you want to go further, opt for a wallpaper or curtain fabric with a metallic element in the design.

4. Use home fragrance

Updating your home fragrance is a simple way to introduce the new season into your living room.

‘The ambience of your room is identified by the scent, and you can find one which not only matches the season but the décor of your room. Go for rich and warm scents combining bergamot, frankincense and amber, to match the autumn landscape outdoors and sit well with an open fireplace.’

5. Add rugs to hard flooring

A rug over hard flooring can create the warmth and texture to transform your sitting room as well as enhance its visual appeal. ‘Place your rug just under the front legs of your sofa and completely under your coffee table.’  ‘Keep it neutral with a plain colour or a light pattern. You can change the entire ambience by picking a bright coloured abstract rug.’

We hope that this ideas will come handy when remodeling your home. But remember, the best home is one where you create great memories, furniture and everything else is just along the way.

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