Years of experience - collected on various projects with different companies.

Men n Most = Man and the Bridge related to the founder and Unesko protected world famous unique architectural work of art Old Bridge in Mostar city. This is how the name of the company came about with the aim of becoming as well known as the bridge one day. With our colors and logos we show what we stand for: Chapter Ingolstadt it's beginning. Native Americans are not afraid of heights and we aim high .

Years of experience gained on various projects with different companies. After careful consideration, the decision was made: 07/25/2016 – Fa.Mennmost GmbH was founded.

Our company is constantly developing with ambition, energy, determination and power. We constantly generate new information, update and expand our knowledge spectrum.

Starting with 6 employees, we have already grown to over 40 employees. Coupled with young, energetic and older, experienced skilled workers, supported by the know-how of our technical team, we can do everything to do with building construction for you. For you, our customer, the most important and most important factor.

Projects are created using state-of-the-art construction technology and are carried out in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Advice - planning - execution, everything from a single source.

We still have the old-fashioned: One man, one word! There are no problems that cannot be solved and we are happy to do it.


Every customer is warmly welcomed, we want to have them in our Mennmost Chapter for life as a satisfied customer and of course keep them as friends.

Mennmost Chapter Ingolstadt continues to grow with and through you.



Old Bridge in Mostar

Our permanent inspiration.


Laying the foundation for a new building

Hard work that we do with great pleasure.


Mennmost GmbH

Red is the color of passion, that's why we chose it for our protective colors. Everything we do is done with dedication and passion.


Vehicles available

We are fully qualified for any task you may need.