Mennmost offers integrated in-house structural engineering services that enhance our design and delivery process. Our structural engineers partner with our architects and interior designers to achieve cohesive, coordinated results from day one.  We are a design-focused engineering team that achieves beautiful and efficient structures that simply work.

Our portfolio includes all kind of projects, from houses to lareger buildings.. The conditions for which we design range from projects that must withstand high-velocity hurricanes to those that must be ready for powerful seismic events and even extreme northern snow loads.

Equally, we make sure that our structural engineers work closely with clients and collaborators and stay up to date with industry issues so that they can innovate in response to real-world challenges and constraints.

By analysing past solutions, and sharing experiences and skills, our structural engineers refine their ability to design stable, durable, elegant and economic buildings in all conditions. They also generate new ideas.

To stay connected to today’s evolving challenges, our structural engineers are active in disaster relief and international development, professional organisations, research and teaching, and consultation on design codes.